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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for Foster City Village members?

No, there is not an age limit. Adults 65 and older benefit the most from our services and our most mature members are 90+ years young!

What area does Foster City Village serve?

We serve anyone residing within the 94404 Zip Code Area including Mariners Island, San Mateo.

How are volunteers selected and approved?

In addition to an application and interview process, there is a criminal background check for every volunteer. For volunteer drivers, there is also a driving record check and verification of automobile insurance.

How do vendors become preferred service providers who are recommended to members?

For a vendor to be listed as a Foster City Village Preferred Provider, a variety of steps are followed, including: recommendations from members; interviews with potential vendors; cautious use of online customer feedback mechanisms; definite use of feedback from members; vendor commitment to the community including discounts offered; etc.

Is there liability insurance to cover any mishaps resulting from the actions of a volunteer?

Yes, the Village maintains comprehensive liability insurance.

If volunteers go inside a member’s home to help with light home maintenance, how will the Village assure the safety and privacy of the member?

In addition to the background checks, there are guidelines for the volunteers on what they may and may not do when inside a member’s home. All of our volunteers who go into members’ homes are well known within the Village and within the community.

What if a volunteer finds what he or she perceives to be a medical situation with a member?

If it’s an emergency, the volunteer will immediately call 911 and then notify the Village office for immediate follow-up with the member’s emergency contacts, which are provided by the member and maintained on file. If a non-emergency, the volunteer will ask the member for the best way to help and follow through accordingly.

Is there a contract between the member and the Village?

Yes, a membership agreement will outline the benefits of membership as well as the responsibilities of both the member and Foster City Village. The goal is to enable members to continue to live in their own homes and communities as they age, by providing easy access to important support services.

Do the Village services compete with the services offered by the adult community centers?

No, part of the Village service is to make every member more aware of the many services that are already available in their area. The Village often partners with local community centers and recreational venues and promotes community events and activities, providing transportation as needed to those events/activities.

Will the membership dues be too much for some older adults to afford?

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, our membership fees are some of the lowest in the entire Bay Area. The annual membership fee is $365/year for full membership and $175/year for an associate membership (for members that do not require full services). We also provide substantially discounted membership fees to our members who qualify for financial assistance and/or live in government-subsidized housing. Ask us for a handout that describes the significant value of membership benefits compared with the modest cost of dues.

What are the most significant benefits of membership?

The primary services that are utilized in most Villages are transportation and social interaction. While the value of transportation is clear and measurable, the value of social interaction is possibly greatly underestimated by many people. Studies show that older adults who engage in social activities lead healthier lives and maintain their independence longer. It should also be mentioned that many members are also volunteers, and having volunteer opportunities provides a great sense of self-worth and accomplishment for many people.

How can I sign up to Volunteer and how many hours must I be able to provide.

It’s easy! We welcome all volunteers regardless of the amount of time they are able to provide. Simply complete the form that is found on this website in the Volunteer section.

All donations are tax deductible

Foster City Village
1000 E. Hillsdale Blvd
Foster City, CA 94404

Phone : (650) 378-8541