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Village Team

Village Operations:
Executive Director
Mary Bates
Administrative Services Manager
Sophia Wambach
Administrative Services Coordinator
Jennifer Malament
Administrative Services Coordinator
Andrea Pond
Volunteer Services Jeff Brown
Membership & Community Outreach Director 
Marlene Hopper
Membership Director Supriya Singh
Social Committee Chair
Phyllis Brown
Events Coordinator Gil Guerin
Lunch and Learn Coordinator
Phyllis Brown
Foster City Villager Newsletter Team
Sophia Wambach
Editorial Content Assistant
Jennifer Malament
Mailing Crew Barbara Campitelli
  Eleanor Jones

Foster City Village Board of Directors
Acting President  Supriya Singh
Vice President Supriya Singh
Treasurer Richard Hopper
Secretary Bob Lahl
Board Member Phyllis Brown
Board Member Edd McKibben
Board Member Patricia Player-Maxwell 
Board Member Marlene Hopper
Board Member  
Board Member
Board Member   







Foster City Village

1000 E. Hillsdale Blvd, Suite 210 Foster City, CA 94404
Phone: 650-378-8541 * Email: